Chief O’Neill Spotted in SuperValu

A wide selection of books at Bantry SuperValu, including Chief O’Neill!

Much has been made of Matt Damon being spotted with a SuperValu bag in Dalkey during Lockdown. A recent Irish Times article has economist and author David McWilliams interviewing Damon on what he was purchasing there. Here is Bantry local historical celebrity Chief O’Neill (several copies of him!) in the excellent book section of the Bantry SuperValu. I listen to the David McWilliams podcast regularly and he often mentions James Joyce. His belief is that Joyce expressed his creative side not only in literature but also commercially (although not very successfully). Not many people know that the musically creative Francis O’Neill was also successful in real estate after being chief of police.

I visited O’Keefe’s SuperValu before Lockdown and am delighted to see the book there. It is not far from the Bantry Tourist Office where the official launch of the book will take place on July 1st! It promises to be a wonderful night of readings as well as music. Refreshments also provided by SuperValu. See below for the official invitation.

Official Invitation to the Chief O’Neill Launch on July 1st

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