Experience the Magic of Traditional Irish Music: Matt and Shannon Heaton Live at Chief O’Neill’s

Matt & Shannon Heaton

I’m thrilled to announce the upcoming performance of the incredibly talented Irish music duo, Matt and Shannon Heaton, at the iconic Chief O’Neill’s Pub in Chicago on Friday, April 12th. As a lover and amateur player of Irish music, I’ve been lucky enough to visit this venue – a true gem that I believe Francis O’Neill himself would wholeheartedly approve of!

About Matt and Shannon Heaton

Both Matt and Shannon Heaton are masters of their craft, known for their engaging stage presence and beautifully executed traditional Irish music. Their flute, guitar, and bouzouki instrumentals, combined with their harmonious vocals, are steeped in the rich tradition of County Clare and influenced by the vibrant music scenes of Chicago and Boston. If you’re a fan of authentic Irish music, this is a performance you won’t want to miss!

Readers of this blog might know Shannon from the Irish Music Stories Podcast, especially the episode where she interviewed me on the topic of Francis O’Neill and his legacy.

The Chief O’Neill Connection

Chief O’Neill’s Pub is the perfect setting for Matt and Shannon Heaton’s performance. This venue embodies the spirit of Irish music and culture that the legendary Francis O’Neill championed throughout his life in Chicago. Get ready for an evening that pays homage to the legacy of Irish music and celebrates its enduring power.

Event Details

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of traditional Irish music! Mark your calendars and get your tickets for Matt and Shannon Heaton’s performance at Chief O’Neill’s – a night of unforgettable music awaits!

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