Chief O’Neill: The Book

The Chief O’Neill blog is pleased to announce Chief O’Neill: The Book!

This blog has been only a side-line to my main project: writing a novel of the main events in the life of Francis O’Neill. This has been a labour of love for the last number of years. I started by wanting to tell the story of the man behind the famous music collections: the adventures and struggles he experienced in a full and fascinating life. Along the way, I have learned many things myself, especially about how difficult and rewarding writing a book can be. If you wish to find out more, please use the Contact Form to get in touch.

I am also deeply grateful to the Celtic Junction Arts Review for publishing an excerpt from the book. You can check out the excerpt here. The Celtic Junction is a wonderful cultural centre celebrating Irish heritage and music in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Here’s a great version of Chief O’Neill’s Favourite by the Dubliners. His story has become a favourite of mine.

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